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photographer. artist. curator. storyteller. life-enthusiast

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense,  about what is being photographed.” ~ Ansel Adams

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The camera is an extension of my being. Blending technical mastery with creative improvisation, I find myself intrinsically drawn to a broad range of subjects that speak to the remarkableness of human existence and of the world around us. Relishing in the perfectly imperfect, I engage my surroundings with a sense of wonder. Curiosity guides me to discovery. Images beg me to make them. I photograph what makes me feel alive.

Capitalizing on a style that’s bold, edgy, and fun, with intense colors and unusual perspectives, I deal in progressive imagery that pulls focus and commands attention. Currently residing in Dallas, I collaborate with entrepreneurs, actors, artists, musicians, comedians, entertainers, authors, and all types of creative professionals to produce eye-catching head-shots and promotional material.

An avid supporter of local music, I love working with bands and love shooting live shows. I’m also the lead Entertainment Coordinator for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. (Please submit your samples here for consideration!) Tuesday mornings you can find me shooting live performances for the Tuesday Morning Blend on KNON, nominated for Dallas Observer‘s 2016 Radio Show of the year

Once Upon a Time, in a land not so far away, I lived the dream life of a full-time wedding photographer. One morning, I stepped away, taking some time to pursue other passions—I make extravagant art pieces. I curate extraordinary art shows. I work with exceptionally talented creatives all over North Texas. I experience the most amazing times with all these joys. Yet… I lovelovelove wedding photography. I love cake. I love rings and pretty dresses. I love Brides. I love Grooms. I love Brides & Grooms, and Grooms & Grooms, and Brides & Brides. I believe Love IS Art. Now, I shoot weddings part-time, and live Happily Every After.

Ultimately, I am an experimental photographer on a never-ending quest for the “perfect” image. Perfect images are magic to create. Great photography isn’t simply great lighting and composition and technical expertise. Great photography is great storytelling. Great storytelling thrives on spontaneity and collaboration.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas! Let’s collaborate, make magic, and tell stories together. :)