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photographer. artist. curator. life-enthusiast.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense,  about what is being photographed.” ~ Ansel Adams

clearchannelself -3 oshin sizeThe camera is an extension of my being. Blending technical mastery with creative improvisation, I find myself intrinsically drawn to a broad range of subjects that speak to the remarkableness of human existence and of the world around us. Relishing in the perfectly imperfect, I engage my surroundings with a sense of wonder. Curiosity guides me to discovery. Images beg me to make them. I photograph what makes me feel alive.

I am an experimental photographer on a never-ending quest for the “perfect” image. Capitalizing on a style that is bold, edgy, and fun, with intense color and unusual perspectives, I deal in progressive imagery that pulls focus and demands attention. Currently residing in Dallas, I collaborate with artists, actors, musicians, comedians, authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and other creative professionals to produce eye-catching headshots and promotional material. I love local music and love shooting live shows. I also cover a range of creative, corporate, political, entrepreneurial, and other interesting events. And recently, after much request, I am taking on a limited number of weddings again. For booking please contact me directly.

When not shooting commercially, I pour my creative energy into developing new bodies of photographic artwork and constructing unorthodox methods of presentation. My finished pieces reach far outside the confines of traditional framing, as I explore the juxtaposition between the pristine and exacting nature of photography with the messiness of other art forms.

A few years ago, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of curating, and work with other artists, event planners, and curators to curate local art shows. Hanging both traditional and non-traditional gallery settings, I am most at home in unconventional spaces, which breathe their own will into the planning of the event and presentation of the art, producing a rich experience and not just another show.

Most recently, I am discovering filmmaking as a medium for storytelling and social justice.

To keep up with what’s going on with all of these things, keep an eye on the blog, which I update quasi-regularly. ;-)

Thanks for following along. Peace and love to all.