Now that 2015 is WELL underway, I thought maybe it’s time to post an update on where I am and what’s happening in my life. As you all know, last year was incredibly difficult, arguably the most difficult year of my life. 2014 was good, bad, and ugly. Also beautiful, eye-opening, ground-breaking, and life-changing. Without delving into all the lessons learned, allow me to assure you that I am doing well—surprisingly well.

Last year revealed to me some of the worst of humanity, and some of the best of humanity. Death has a funny way of bringing out people’s true character. The ups and downs of this past year are far too many to enumerate. Some of you have witnessed from afar, and some of you have walked this path with me: holding my hand when I couldn’t walk it alone, holding my head when I couldn’t hold it up myself, holding me when I couldn’t walk at all. You have shared my pain, probed the depths of agony with me, and rejoiced in my joys as this important chapter of my life reached its conclusion. You all know who you are. I could write pages and never fully express my gratitude to you for your love and support. Please know that it is received and reciprocated.  This journey isn’t yet over; I see it is only beginning. And what a fortunate beginning to have! I am surrounded by a bounty of beautiful human beings. I feel lucky to count so many incredible people as friends. Truly, I have never been so rich in love in all my life as I am now.

So I am in this place of new beginnings. Important things I thought I wanted to happen for my life, (or I thought were going to happen in my life,) are now removed as an option. As I have accepted these closed doors, new ones open up all around. This place of rising up from the ashes, of rebuilding after being levelled, really isn’t such a bad place to be. Most days, I’m quite content to be exactly where I am. At this moment, everything is shiny and new and beautiful. I am making new, important plans for my life—finding new dreams.

I am looking up—not backwards nor forwards, but up. I see 2015 to be a landmark year for me and am eager to share this new chapter with all of you. To the New Year! To Looking Up!

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